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From your music sheet and I will harmonize or analyze to arrange music and depend on your music style, to prepare it for recording.
Mixing is next step to serve your best interst to the special need on each track.
The final step is Noise Reducing, Mastering project includes balance EQ, Matching nomonize level, Compresor, and Limiting. Also to make fine tune for your music to the next level is ready to be duplicated.   

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Music Composition:


  Music composition for any of your music projects, with no royalty after you purchase my song.  But I request you to credit my name in your project. And the price depends on your project.
To make progress of the song Melodic part. Please send your arranged song of music sheet plus PDF format, and your song of Audio format ( WAV, MIDI, WMA ). 


Sound Focus
Music Services. Audio Mastering Studio.
Son Quang Hoang
Music Producer & Audio Engneering


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